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FPL Turkey Point Environmental Assessment.png

Florida Power & Light Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant Expansion

Miami, FL

Environmental Site Assessment

Tree Survey + Tree Tagging

Conducted a three-day tree survey of over 500 trees including the site of former Boy Scout Camp property closed to the public post 9/11. Undertook appraisal of trees on the property site to prepare for the Nuclear Power Plant Expansion. All native trees in the construction area to be affected were accounted for in the tree survey. Each tree was flagged by tying flagging ribbon on each 6 inch or greater dbh (depth at breast height), tree and numbered each tree ribbon with permanent marker to coincide with survey report. Prepared Excel Report of all flagged trees indicating survey ID (tree number), identifying species, dbh inches, location code, status, replacement credits (per code), and whether each was considered a specimen tree (dbh being of 15” or more).

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