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K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons HOA by Four Seasons Development

Delray Beach, FL

Environmental Site Assessment

Lake Inspection

Conducted field lake inspections on the five (5) man-made lakes, covering nineteen (19) acres, including shoreline and littoral zone plantings, provided recommendations to keep in compliance with Palm Beach County code, identified and examined problem areas and estimated the approximate coverage. Made specific recommendations as to methods to resolve the areas of concern.


Photo-documented the specific conditions in each of the lakes and determined how the lakes flowed together. Reviewed the development covenants and Deed Restrictions to assure that the recommendations did not violate the described management of the lakes. Researched regulations and restrictions of the local drainage districts and stormwater discharge rules specific to water quality, of Palm Beach County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


Prepared an Environmental Assessment Report of findings, and included specific recommendations and alternatives to resolve the vegetation concerns in the lakes, including a review of the treatment proposals provided by various aquatic weed control contractors.

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